Why Online Voice Coaching?

After some wonderful successes with students who had travelled to the UK to train with me, I realised that I wanted to still be able to help these people once they went home. Travel is costly, and so is time, so I started offering lessons online. Over the months I have refined and developed a successful system working with clients all over the world — from New York, to Majorca, France, Geneva, Guernsey and even as far up-country as Northampton!

It immediately became clear to me that web-based sessions demanded a far more concise approach than in person, and it prompted me to develop an entirely new teaching style to provide the most efficient and focussed web-based lessons. These online sessions turned out to be far more successful than I had ever expected, and although there is nothing like the blessing of working one-to-one in a room with your teacher (especially when starting out), students have frequently shared their surprise about how the online sessions are equally if not more productive than a lesson in person!

Book A Session With Katie

5DM37045_1024If you’re preparing for an audition, need help with a presentation at work, or need a hypnotherapy session, never fear! I offer sessions in two ways:

1) In Person. Sessions may be held either in Guildford or London. When not in lockdown, I teach private lessons and also run group workshops which can be tailored to the needs of the group, whether corporate or for performers. .

2) Via Zoom. During the current lockdown I am doing all my sessions online.

Please fill in this short questionnaire here which will let me know if you’d like to book, and what kind of session you are inquiring about (singing, speech, hypnotherapy or a hybrid). I usually to respond as soon as possible, but please allow a few days turnaround time.

If you’d like to go ahead and book a 15 min consultation chat with me, please book here and we can see if we’re a good fit for sessions.


“Katie taught about the science behind singing, not just the technique so I could perform at my best. Katie’s support and understanding of the voice, and all that comes with performing, is incomparable with any other teacher I have had. She goes above and beyond teaching just the piece or style. I would recommend Katie to all singing students no matter how experienced they are.” ~Helen Taylor (Actor)

“I feel like I learned more with Katie in one lesson than in all my singing lessons put together.” ~Liv Edwards (Drama student)

“Katie gave me some tuition over Skype for a very last minute audition and her help was invaluable. She was accommodating, positive and encouraging and the whole experience gave me a lot more confidence as to my ability which in turn allowed me to not worry … in the audition room and focus on my performance. I’d highly recommend her services!” ~Molly Roberts (Actor)

“I had an amazing experience doing hypnotherapy with Katie. Having a professional medical background without experience of the technique I was initially a little sceptical about its efficacy but after a very short time I experienced the tangible effect it has. It really helped me to connect in a powerful way to a deep, basic part of myself where feelings of security and peace are found, a potent experience of the safety of childhood, a part of myself which I had stepped away from and forgotten in the midst of stress and anxiety and to which now I am able to go back to in difficult times for strength. Through Katie, I have begun to retrace the path to that deep place of peace and I can highly recommend her if you are someone who like me has struggled with confidence issues and anxiety. Thank you Katie!” Chris, Doctor 

“I’m only part way through my regular sessions with Katie and can already feel a huge difference in my mental wellbeing and approach. She creates a calm, warm and safe environment but is also incredibly friendly and relaxed. I always leave our sessions smiling and feeling empowered. I didn’t think Hypnotherapy would be for me or would help me as much as it is but I’m so glad I’m doing it and that Katie is the one leading me through it.”  Phoebe, Professional Actor

“This is a little lengthy, however, I want to take a little time to share the brilliance of Katie Crooks!! I have seen Katie in the past for some vocal coaching – at which she is extremely skilled (to say the least!) Recently bumping into her again and hearing that she had trained as a hypnotherapist, I wanted to work with her. Katie’s skills span a dream blend of technical skill, deep intuition, careful observation and the compassionate wisdom of yoga. Katie has a real gift for listening and guiding you from your own needs. She has such warm empathy and infectious enthusiam. 

I’ve had just 2 hypnotherapy sessions, in which she has already enabled me to begin turbo charging my intentions!  She is in a unique position as a musician, performer, teacher and yogi to integrate many of the common fears about public speaking, or publicly sharing skills of any kind. 

I have found the effects of the sessions and practise to be long lasting – the theta state of conscious is exactly like meditation, with a deeply relevant focus to resolving the issues that don’t serve you, or help you to serve others.  Just wonderful work, keep going Katie, you will help so many people, thank you”. (Emily Young, yoga teacher, musician)