Katie Crooks is a highly experienced Voice and Singing Teacher and Vocalist. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist.
On realising that the majority of her clients were bringing huge mental blocks into their work during voice sessions, she decided to train in Hypnotherapy creating HypnoVoiceCoach. Using a combination of vocal instruction and hypnotherapy depending on the needs of the client, she facilitates empowering shifts in people’s confidence, happiness and enjoyment of their abilities.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxing process where we transform and heal subconscious fears and beliefs that may have been limiting you in the past. It is used for issues ranging from nail biting, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, dental & medical anaesthesia, healing past negative experiences and debilitating anxiety.
She now uses a combination of vocal instruction and hypnotherapy depending on the needs of the client and has seen dramatic shifts in their confidence and enjoyment of their abilities. She works with Speakers, Singers, Actors, Fitness Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Drama School Students and Aspiring young adults to take their voice and skill to the next level.
I have seen Katie in the past for some vocal coaching – at which she is extremely skilled (to say the least!) I’ve had just 2 hypnotherapy sessions, in which she has already enabled me to begin turbo charging my intentions!

Katie has a real gift for listening and guiding you from your own needs. She has such warm empathy and infectious enthusiasm.

Katie’s Approach

I am fascinated by the needs of the individual and I genuinely want to know how I can get the best out of that persons voice; whether that is authority in the meeting room, clarity when speaking, singing at pro-level or for a successful drama school audition or healing negative beliefs and habits that may have been holding you back. I approach each person based on the following three pillars: speech, song and hypnotherapy.

1. Speech

Using the work of a variety of practitioners including Cecily Berry, Kristin Linklater, Frankie Armstrong, David Cary and Arthur Lessac, I run group workshops and individual sessions on the spoken voice; from vocal clarity, vocal stamina, presence in the room to safe shouting. I also focus on enabling clients to realise and release the natural ability of their own voice, enabling them to communicate effectively, powerfully and with a healthy sound. This work caters to the whole person and enriches them in their ability to use their voice effectively.

2. Song

My teaching practice employs techniques drawn from many pedagogies including Husler, the Bel Canto tradition, Speech Level Singing and the work of Jo Estill. Instead of a one-size-fits-all singing lesson, my mission is to discover how a particular voice works and use the best combination of approaches suited to that voice.

3. Hypnotherapy

I have found over years of coaching that the mental and emotional blocks that many people brought to their vocal practice was inhibiting their improvement and preventing them from reaching their full potential. The wide variety of technical and imagery-based approaches to speech and singing are surprisingly well integrated with hypnosis to allow people to feel confident and allow their creativity to flourish. At the time of writing I have taken a number of hypnotherapy trainings and will shortly finish my qualification as a CHt (Certified hypnotherapist). Over time my practice has developed into a multi-disciplinary approach which integrates these many practices of voice, singing and hypnosis to great effect. As a result of this, my work is tailored to the client’s needs whether it is speech, singing or hypnosis.

About Katie


Katie has been a professional vocalist and voice teacher since 2002.

She has a degree in Music (Exeter), an MA in Musical Theatre (GSA) and MA in Practice of Voice and Singing (GSA) and is a CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist) . 

She leads her own Swing band and regularly sings with a number of Jazz and Swing bands.

Katie now balances her time between working professionally as a vocalist, teaching singing and spoken voice at drama schools (currently GSA and Urdang), coaching pro-level actors, singers and speakers and helping hypnotherapy clients overcome numerous issues.

She runs regular workshops that integrate spoken voice techniques, singing techniques and hypnotherapy to help people heal any inhibitions and fears, and unlock the true potential of their voice.